Rukhmabai’s 153rd birth anniversary special

Today is the Rukhmabai’s 153rd birth anniversary, the first practising Indian woman doctor and a pioneer of the women’s rights movement in India. Google is celebrating her birthday by dedicating through Google Doodle. Meanwhile, you can see a picture of a lady with a stethoscope, by opening Google in your web browser. Let’s know some important facts about Rukhmabai in points-

  • Rukhmabai Raut was born in Bombay (Now Mumbai), on 22nd November 1864. At an early age of 11, She got married to Dadaji Bhikaji, who was then 19. Child marriage was very common at that time.
  • Rukhmabai did not live with her husband after marriage. She chose to stay in her mother’s house and proceed with her education. Her husband did not like this decision.
  • In March 1884, Bhikaji petition a case in the Bombay High Court to restore his conjugal rights over his wife – that is, make Rukhmabai come and live with him.
  • In March 1887, Bombay High Court ordered Rukhmabai to go with her husband’s demand or spend six months in jail.

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  • Rukhmabai didn’t like the decision and wrote to Queen Victoria. Where Queen Victoria Queen overruled the court’s verdict and dissolved the marriage.
  • The case got a huge support from many people including several social reformers. She wished to study medicine.
  • A fund was raised for her to travel and study medicine at the London School of Medicine.
  • Then she became one of the first practising woman doctors in colonial India.
  • Rukhmabai has a successful 35-year career in medicine.
  • Raut continued her work towards the society until her death which was at the age of 91, on September 25, 1955.
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