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Stanford University Developed Cancer Vaccine Helps in Eliminating Tumors in Mice

The Researchers at Stanford University were to able to develop cancer vaccine thus which was able to eliminate tumors in mice. The Stanford cancer vaccine contains two immune-stimulating agents these are injected into the solid tumors.

The study of Stanford cancer on mice which was published in science translational medicine shows that Stanford University Cancer Vaccine clear the tumors in mice. The tumor is not only being eliminated by the cancer vaccine it also removes other harmful aspects of cancer. Also, the one untreated metastases were cleared of mice. The researcher at Standford University, Dr. Ronald Levy, Said this therapy is going to helpful against previous therapies which are expensive and slow compared to current standford cancer vaccine. Check here the Health tips, health fitness tips and exercise tips.

The two agents which we used against tumors were helpful to eliminate the tumors of the body, said Dr. Levy. The procedure avoids the process of tumor specifying targets and also there is no need for activation of immune system.

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Stanford Cancer Vaccine

The Cancer Vaccine of Stanford is different from other vaccines which are test previously. At the time of the experiment, the researchers directly used compound on infected area of mice which contained cancer tumors.

Dr. Levy said, their idea was to inject the agents in a smaller amount in tumor and then were some amazing results in mice were cancer vaccine eliminates tumors in mice.

Cancer Vaccine Mice

The tumor which has taken the growth stops the abnormal proteins which are produced by a cancer cell. Also, cancer cells can learn to avoid the attacks from the immune system. Thus this becomes hard to fight the diseases.

As the cancer treatment involves to destroy the immune cells of patients, The standford cancer vaccine helps fighting back with immune system by activating the T- Cells. There is the need of health fitness tips and health tips here.

Stanford University Cancer Vaccine

The agent called CpG oligonucleotide is one of the agents which helps in fighting cancer cells thus that also activates T-cell. The cancer vaccine contains two agents thus this injected into the tumor. The T-cells which are activated starts finding the cancer cells and also destroys them.

The research performed on mice to check the Stanford cancer vaccine showed the result. The result was such as there were 90 mice who had lymphoma and 87 of them were successfully recovered that is were cured. The three mice which remained were involved in second treatment and later found that the tumor was erased.

Science Translational Medicine

The cancer vaccine mice were also explored for breast cancer in mice. The treatment was working as such it helped in preventing the repetition of a tumor. The life expectancy was also improved for this animals. The research was done on the mice who consist both lymphoma and colon cancer, showed that lymphoma was treated and colon cancer was not treated.

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