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Addiction to anything is always considered to be very bad. But in the case of these foods, it is proving to be absolutely wrong. There is no food that is called Zero Calorie Food. But nature has given us such food as you can, whatever you eat, your weight will never increase. Yes, no matter how much you eat these delicious foods, you will always be thinner. Science is a very important role in this case. Research has revealed that they are very high fiber and help to keep the stomach full.

delicious food

Eat freely this 7 delicious food without any fear of weight

1. Boiled sweet potato

There are a lot of nutrition in boiled sweet potatoes. Resistant starch present in it acts like a soluble fiber that helps keep the stomach full for a long time. If you eat a few minutes after cooling the sweet potato, then it will increase its starch content which can be very helpful in erasing the hunger of stomach.

2. Eggs

Eggs are much more healthy and nutritious. You are filled up for a long time by eating eggs. Whatever egg you eat in the day, you will not suffer any harm or you will be fat. If you want to reduce obesity, eat eggs every day.

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3. Fish

Fish contains omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. It tries to keep your stomach full for a long time. Fish contains more proteins than other protein-rich food items. It has been found that those who eat fish at one time in the food, they eat less calorie food in the meal for the second time.

4. Paneer

Paneer contains very small amounts of calories and the protein is quite high. Along with this calcium, vitamin B and phosphorus are also found. You would be surprised to know that more protein is found in the paneer than the egg. Those who go to the gym should eat paneer.

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5. Popcorn

Popcorn is made from whole grains, which contains a lot of fiber. They are large in appearance but calories are not at all so that they fill the stomach comfortably. If you have to fill the stomach too there is no obesity, then popcorn is a good option.

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6. Lynn Meat

A lot of protein is found in lean meats. Those people who are on high protein diet should eat lean meats. It has been found in a study that people who take high protein meals in lunch, eat only 12% of the food during dinner. If compared to those who eat high carb meal in lunch.

7. Soup

Research has found that the consumption of soup fills the stomach much quicker and more. Regular eating of soup stops hunger repetition and the weight starts decreasing. If you are sick or want to lose weight then you should drink broth soup. But yes, do not put the cream on it, otherwise, the weight will increase. Then you will know that the weight loss is not an easy task.

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